Into the Woods

Woods | - I am where I should be. Life in Stills and Words. Photo-journal by Sasha Manuel

Light sneaks through branches and sound carried by the wind. It’s a concoction of endless rustle of leaves and wood, and busy bustle of unseen creatures — feral and foreign.

Can you imagine a place where trees are taller than skyscrapers and cover the sky?

Imagine yourself lost.

Or, imagine yourself exploring.

Disappear among the crowd of trees. Roaming the shadows, strolling in twilight.

Master the terror of the unknown; sift through its limitless favour.

Climb branches. Collect leaves. Carve love hearts and initials on a bark. Build Terabithia.

Trivia: Photo taken at a state sorder, South Australia and Victoria States of Australia, January 2013

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