Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates | - Life in Stills and Words. Photo-journal of Sasha Manuel

You open a box of chocolates and you are confounded by the choices. Confident that you’ll get to each of them in due course but you’re also aware of your appetite’s limits. And there’s the weight on the first piece you’d pick up. It has to be special. The first bite — as your tongue recognise the taste of chocolate and your being sink into the languor of its richness — is significant enough; knowing it’ll set the tone of the entire experience. It has to be the choice.

You take in the shape, the texture, and call on instinct. Each piece holds a certain mystery and mystery is its allure. While most are relatively enticing, one presents a visible definition of what a chocolate must be. Another displays how it should be. And one more shows a promise of what it will be.

Some delight in surprise and adjust accordingly. But there are those who would go over the choices with a fine-tooth comb.

The desire to feast on them all is there yet it will come to that point when you will lose it; that moment when you happen on that one piece that culminates the experience. The one piece that elucidates what a chocolate is.

Choices leading up to it lit with significance. Exploratory nips, wandering nibbles, and greedy browsing of other options, forgotten. Knowing that the choice, how and when it was made, was what the box of choices — in all its entirety — was for.

Trivia: Photo taken at Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati, Philippines, February 2012.

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