Almost Home

Sometimes, it takes a little darkness and a change in perspective to see the light — and the beauty of a moment.

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Let’s keep talking

And talking and talking. 

At the end of each day. 

Celebrating your wins.

Moments of bashing.

Un-timed, unadulterated, unhinged. 

Just to listen to your voice. Just to see you smile. Just to watch you as you think hard or not think at all. 

I savour the moments you open up and let me in. 

Let’s keep talking. 


They can’t be found at the bottom of a whiskey glass. Regardless of number or the force you put in tapping the glass as you drain the last drop. It just ain’t smart enough. Though you may hold a crystal, it doesn’t hold your fortune.

Where can one find answers to questions that are difficult to answer?

Are there answers to be found at all?

Ask the why’s and how’s — you’d end up feeling foolish. Someone is sure to say, “you’re old enough to know, silly.”

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Hey, you.

My career, my life, my heart —
is nobody’s past time.

Not someone’s spare,
nor a contingency plan.

I’m the option.

I’m worth the trip;
the essence of the journey.
I’m the destination.

You just need to man up and grow a pair.


Flowers | - Life in stills and words. Photo-journal of Sasha Manuel.

Like any flower, hope wilts with time. Sooner without care.
It blooms at the touch of air and light. Nourished, it radiates.


As a child would.
Eyes glued shut and willing the universe to defy its own laws.
For time to go slow or pass quickly, stand still — or perhaps go in reverse.

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