Breathe again

Waking up to your note, the universe stopped.

All I can say is —

It hurts to be here.


Dream catcher - Photo by Sasha Manuel

Following the series of thoughts, images, and sensations of late, I’d wake up more exhausted than the night before.


The dread of what’s in store next keeps me awake at night.

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Live life without


Maybe if I were the sort of girl that mindlessly partied —

Or the sort that relished in choppers to ferry me back and forth from Hong Kong and Macau.

Or that ticket to the Singapore grand prix.

Perhaps if I were the type that puts weight on complimentary travels —

Or piggyback on trips to the Maldives or Bali.

Or securing that seat in first class or a private jet.

It would have been an easy choice.

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When you’re ready

22 August 2014 • Gekko Restaurant Yangon, Myanmar

Lifted from a year old log, a brief moment of happiness etched on parchment.

Cursory yet potent.

If only it could be repeated.

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The struggle we all have

Champagne cork MOET | - Life in stills and words. Photo-journal of Sasha Manuel.

It’d be wise not to dismiss it so freely — the rules in the land that you’re heading to are quite different to those in the world that you know.

Dispensed missive foolishly abandoned.

When you don’t know the truth, everything freezes.

You can’t move on.

Yet you attempt to defy deft beyond imagining. You move with pretence, pieces of fiction and tall tales.

Sometimes, you just have to dance to the music that’s playing; to the music that’s given to you.

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